Algorithmic Societies


Publications from the ALGOSOC project:

Amoore, Louise (2021) ‘The Deep Border’, Political Geography,

In this paper Louise Amoore discusses how deep learning involves much more than the deployment of technologies at a given political site (in this case, the border), and shows how machine learning is reordering what the border means, how the boundaries of political community can be imagined. The deep border is written through the machine learning models that make the world in their own image – as clusters of attributes and feature spaces from which data examples can be drawn.

Amoore, Louise (2022) ‘Machine Learning Political Orders’, Review of International Studies,

In this paper Louise Amoore outlines the contours of what she calls a machine learning political order. The transformation from rules-based algorithms to deep learning models has paralleled the undoing of rules-based social and international orders – from the use of machine learning in the campaigns of the UK EU referendum, to the trialling of algorithmic immigration and welfare systems, and the use of deep learning in the COVID-19 pandemic – with political problems becoming reconfigured as machine learning problems. No longer tethered to notions of the good society, machine learning political orders search for the optimal function of abstract representations of data, actively profiting and learning from the fracturing of communities and the destabilising of democratic rights.

Related work published by the ALGOSOC team:

Louise Amoore

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